Ease Folder Guard 8.98

Ease Folder Guard 8.98: Quickly and simply password-protect, hide and disguise folders for protection. folder is protected with Folder Hide feature, it will not be found under any circumstance except in Ease Folder Guard. Moreover, a hidden folder will restore to the hidden state automatically after use. Folder disguise can disguise a folder as the target object accordance with your own will and you cannot see the original contents of a disguised folder. After a disguised folder is used, it can restore to disguise status itself. Besides, Ease Folder

Folder Pilot 1.00: Find your folders quickly and get an enhanced address bar in Windows Explorer.
Folder Pilot 1.00

Folder Pilot experience the tomorrow`s folder navigation today. Folder Pilot replaces the standard Address bar in Windows Explorer and displays folder structures as clickable paths. You are able to see at a glance "where you are", namely the path of the current folder. From here you can navigate to any folder on the hard drive at lightning speed. You can access your favorite folders even faster. Folder Pilot also adds a Favorites menu to the folder

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Folder Shield 2003 1.3: Folder Shield enables you to make folders completely invisible!
Folder Shield 2003 1.3

Folder Shield enables you to make folders completely invisible! Folder Shield can be used to hide any folders completely and securely. Your documents are invisible, and hence no longer accessible, as soon as the relevant folders have been hidden with Folder Shield. Just specify all confidential folders, activate Folder Shield`s protection and all folders will be hidden and your sensitive data will be protected against unauthorized access.

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FolderCloak 2.5

FolderCloak, you can hide your folders and thus prevent access by anyone else to your personal files and documents. FolderCloak just puts a "Harry Potter`s invisibility cloak" on your folder so the folder looks invisible. FolderCloak does not change the folder structure, does not move the protected folder, and does not change Windows system files. You can not lose your files. And FolderCloak is very very easy to use. Add a folder to the folder list

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Folder Security Guard 3.0: Folder Security Guard allow You safe protect folders and data inside folders.
Folder Security Guard 3.0

Folder Security Guard allow You safe protect folders and data inside folders on your drives. You can hide folders completely making it invisible and inaccessible for people using your computer. Folder Security Guard allow You restrict access to the folders that contain your sensitive data over local or shared computers. After folder protection via Folder Security Guard, folder contents cannot be read, copied or modified. To access the locked folders

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Folder Jockey Folder shortcut and hotkey utility. Open your folders fast and without hunting.
Folder Jockey

Folder Jockey is a Windows utility designed to save you time. Instead of always hunting through Windows Explorer to find the folder you need, just use Folder Jockey to go there immediately. Keep as many shortcuts to folders on your hard drive as you want. You can click the tray icon at any time to go right to what you need. Assign hotkeys to your folder shortcuts, too. Folder Jockey -- Get to your folders fast.

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Recover Deleted Folder Tool 2.0: Readily recover deleted folder data by using deleted folder recovery software
Recover Deleted Folder Tool 2.0

folder software is a perfect folder retrieval tool to get back deleted folders from internal and external windows hard drives. This recover deleted folder tool is highly scrupulous utility to recover lost windows folders from corrupted or formatted Windows based FAT and NTFS file system. Our folder recovery software can be used as a restore deleted folders for easily performing accidentally deleted folder recovery. Deleted folder recovery software

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